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Party Poker Promotional Bonus – 100% up to $500

Party Poker Promotional Code – 25SUPER


Using Party Poker promotional code 25SUPER, new players making their first deposit can get a bonus of 100% up to $500. Party Poker calls their promo code a bonus code, but they are the same thing. 25SUPER is the Party Poker bonus code.

Clearing the Party Poker Promotional Bonus

To clear the Party Poker promotional bonus, new players need to earn 8 Party Points per dollar in bonus. So, if your first deposit is $100, you will need to earn 800 Party Points to earn the entire bonus. However, the bonus is paid in increments of 10% at a time, meaning that a $100 bonus will be paid in increments of $10. So, for each $10 bonus amount you will only need to earn 80 Party Points. Since the bonus is paid in increments, players are not forced to clear the entire bonus amount in order to earn some bonus money. This is a nice feature of the Party Poker promotional bonus. Be sure to write down Party Poker promotional code 25SUPER before you head over to Party Poker.

Players have 120 days to clear as much of the bonus as they can.

How Hard is it to Clear the Party Poker Bonus?

For micro-stakes players, clearing the Party Poker promotional bonus can be difficult, especially for ring game players. If you’re looking for a realistic way to add money to your bankroll, new players at Party Poker will want to play in $.25/.50 NL or $.50/1 FL or bigger games. Below these levels, clearing this bonus is a grind. If you’re looking for an easier bonus to clear, try the Full Tilt Poker bonus (referral code IPOKERORG) or the Bodog bonus (referral number 1169861). Full Tilt Poker has easier clearing requirements for micro-stakes players and offers a 100% bonus up to $600. The Bodog bonus is probably the easiest bonus to clear, with a 110% bonus up to $550. The Bodog bonus offers players 10% bonus up-front, plus 30 days to clear another 100%. While that isn’t much time, the bonus is so easy to clear it laughable. Another easy to clear bonus is the Players Only bonus, where you receive up to $100 in instant cash + a match bonus. Check out this page for information on the bonus and how to use the players promo code to receive it.

For players who play $.25/.50 NL or $.50/1 FL or larger games, clearing the Party Poker promotional bonus is fairly simple. The higher the stakes, the easier it gets. Here is a breakdown of how many average hands it takes to earn 10 Party Points:

No-Limit and Pot-Limit Games
Blinds Raked hands needed for 10 Party Points
$0.01/$0.02 750 - Good luck with that.
$0.02/$0.04 580 - Must multi-table, still very difficult
$0.05/$0.10 380 - Very difficult
$0.10/$0.25 100 - Not bad
$0.25/$0.50 67 - Realistic
$0.50/$1 40 - Pretty simple
$1/$2 25 - Easy from here down
$2/$4 17
$3/$6 14
$5/$10 13
$10/$20 11
$15/$30 11
$25/$50 7
Fixed Limit Games
Limit Raked hands needed for 10 Party Points
$0.02/$0.04 700 - Way too tough
$0.05/$0.10 530 - Will take almost forever
$0.10/$0.20 500 - Same as above
$0.15/$0.30 360 - Will need to multi-table
$0.25/$0.50 200 - Multi-tabling recommended
$0.50/$1 57 - Realistic
$1/$2 57 - Realistic
$2/$4 18 - Easy from here down
$3/$6 14
$5/$10 13
$10/$20 12
$15/$30 12
$20/$40 12
$30/$60 11
$50/$100 7
$100/$200 6
$250/$500 6

Clearing the Party Poker Bonus Playing Tournaments

Players earn 2 Party Points per dollar (USD) paid in tournament fees. If you play in a $20+2 tournament, you will earn 4 Party Points, equal to $.50 in bonus. This isn’t as fast as some other rooms, it’s not ‘bad’ either. If you play a lot of sit-n-go’s or multi-table, this is a bonus worth going after.

* Write down Party Poker promotional code (bonus code) 25SUPER, then go to Party Poker.