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8-Game Mix at Pokerstars

Pokerstars is now offering a mixed game called 8-Game Mix. 8-Game Mix is essentially HORSE, plus 2-7 Triple Draw, no-limit Hold’em, and pot limit Omaha. While HORSE games are typically played in fixed limit versions, 8-Game Mix adds no limit and pot limit games. This keeps the game interesting, and really lets the best all-around players shine. Stakes for the NL and PL games come down to match up with the stakes with the FL games.

8-Game Mix is played with 6 players, and the games change rotation every 6 hands, starting with 2-7 Triple Draw. Here’s the order:

1/ 2-7 Triple Draw (FL)

2/ Hold’em (FL)

3/ Omaha 8 or Better (Hi/Lo) (FL)

4/ Razz (FL)

5/ 7 Card Stud (FL)

6/ 7 Card Stud 8 or Better (FL)

7/ Hold’em (NL)

8/ Omaha (PL)

One of the benefits of playing 8-Game Mix is that it can speed up a players learning curve in games they’re not used to playing. If you’re looking to become more well rounded, play some low-stakes 8-Game Mix at Pokerstars. Try 8-Game Mix Now.

At Pokerstars, 8-Game Mix cash games start at $.20/.40, and go up to $400/800. While $400/800 games are difficult to come by, traffic is good up to the $20/40 limits and sometimes higher during peak hours.

There are 8-Game Mix sit-n-go tournaments that start at $1.20, and go up to $1110. In the sit-n-go’s, games can be played in the regular 6 minute blind schedule, or in 3 minute turbo formats as well. Pokerstars also offers 8 Game Mix sit-n-go’s in 2 or 3 table formats.

You can also play in 8-Game Mix Steps tournaments which are always fun. Steps tournaments start at $7.50.

That’s not the end of it. Pokerstars also has 8-Game satellite tournaments for the WCOOP. 8-Game Mix satellites for the WCOOP start at $4.40 cash, or 600 FPP’s.

If you want to expand your poker knowledge in a short period of time, give 8-Game Mix a try. Pokerstars has by far the most traffic for the game, and the best action. Keep in mind that most people who are playing 8-Game right now are not very good. Most have huge weaknesses in various games, meaning that if you get good at each of them, you can take down very nice profits.

For your own strategy, during games you’re still learning, play very tight and don’t put too many chips at risk. Save your chips for opportune times when other players are out of their element. Every winning player at 8-Game will tell you, play the games you’re good at and play less during the games you’re weak in. Eventually your weak games will get stronger, and you’ll see your profits go up and up.

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